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Data Science


Programmer Track with Python 

Certification program organise by


About the Course

Data Science is a scientific field that comprises of multi-disciplinary knowledges and skills to extract valuable insights from raw data. Nowadays, organisations and industries, including banking, finance, engineering, sports, healthcare, marketing, human resources and more, already implementing data science as part of their work process. They are willing to invest facilities and human-talents, then establishing analytics department in their organisation that only focus on data science. They understand the value obtained from meaningful insights helps them to make better and faster decisions. 

Data Science Professionals is a complete course by NASPSOFT Intelligence Academy to teach fundamental knowledge and technical skills require in Data Science. This is a full online course with total learning time of 42-hrs. The modules are cover wide-range of topics, from programming, data processing, machine learning, deep learning and even help the participant to build their portfolio. 


This course is designed by experience trainer who come from academic fields with consulting experience in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. Contents of the course are carefully planned, crafted and well designed, so that all participants, from either technical or non-technical background can learn easily with effective training method.

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The Certification Programme

Participants are compulsory to attend live online class organised by NASPSOFT according to the timetable that already been schedules.

Assessment based on project assignment is introduce to our certification programme as to ensure that our participants are competence once they completing this course.

Passing marks for the assessment is from 70%. Participants have to achieve this marks to be awarded with the certificate.

Upon the completion, participants will received Certificate of Achievement and Assessment Transcript of the project assignment.

Complete All 42-hrs Online Course Session
Assessment by Project Assignment
Awarding Certificate to Participants

Learning Outcomes & Modules

  • Deeper understanding on the fundamental knowledge and core concepts of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

  • Learn fundamental and technical programming skills using Python's language for data analytics.

  • Perform data exploration, preparation and pre-processing using Python programming.

  • Build machine learning and AI program, such as recommendation system, deep neural network engine and text analytics program using Python with advance packages.

  • Validate the performance of machine learning and AI model to evaluate the quality and performance using suitable metric measures.

Module 1

Data Science Fundamental


Module 4

Machine Learning


Module 7

Deep Learning with Tensorflow


Module 2

Python 3 Programming


Module 5

Recommender System


Module 8

Business Intelligence & Visual Analytics


Module 3

Exploratory Data Analysis


Module 6

Natural Language Processing


Module 9

Building Portfolio


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High Quality and Free Materials

High quality materials designed for professionals and students both with or without technical background in programming skills.

Hands-on examples are fully crafted based on real-application by the industries, emphasising on both technical and fundamental aspect of the domain knowledge.

All materials are FREE, including:

  • Two e-books

  • All python codes teaches in this course

  • Course module in PDF files

  • Recorded video for each training session

  • Collections of dataset

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