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New Book 2022


Data Exploration, Machine Learning and Visualization using CODELESS Visual Programming

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Author: Ts. Dr. Nickholas Anting

ISBN No.: 978-629-96941-0-6

Version: Paperback

Total Pages: 293 Pages

Publisher: NASPSOFT Intelligence Academy

Currently ONLY available in MALAYSIA

About the Book

Data science is about turning raw data into valuable insights. It is a field derived from mathematics, statistics and computer science. Programming is a must-have skill for those who want to do a data science project. Conventional programming requires writing lines of code using a programming language. However, not everyone can do coding, especially if they are someone from a non-programming background.


This book provides practical approaches to learning data science with visual programming tools, KNIME Analytics Platform. Visual programming is a CODELESS technique that applies drag, drop and execute mechanisms into the functional nodes. In other words, NO CODING requires. This book is written for professionals and students who want to learn practical data science without worrying about coding. The book is packed with theories and practical hands-on that guide readers through step-by-step procedures to execute actual data science tasks with KNIME software. 

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What is KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME Analytics Platform is an OPEN-SOURCE and FREE CODELESS visual programming tools with integrated environment for data science and machine learning task. The full version of the software is completely free with no limitation of usage. It capable to perform:


  • Data Exploration - Univariate & Multivariate Analysis

  • Data Manipulation - Import/Export Data, Merge, Join

  • Machine Learning - Regression, Classification, Clustering, Recommendation System

  • Performance Metrics Computation & Validation - R-Squared, Confusion Matrix, Cross-Validation

  • Data Visualisation - Heatmap, Scatter Plot, Line Chart

  • Productionisation - Model Deployment, Dashboard

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1 introduces the reader to the fundamental of data science and big data, real applications of data science in industries and the data analytics lifecycle.


Chapter 2 teaches readers technical skills to use the KNIME Analytics Platform as a programming tool for data science tasks. It is a primary tool to execute all examples and hands-on in this book.

Chapter 3 concentrates on exploratory data analysis, teaching readers about univariate and multivariate analysis, and inferential statistics. 

Chapters 4 through 8 focus on predictive analytics with machine learning. The chapters cover a range of advanced analytical machine learning models, including regression, classification and clustering.


Chapter 9 is a chapter dedicated to demonstrating the actual data science process with the KNIME Analytics Platform. Real-business datasets are used for the practical hands-on in this chapter.

Abstract Linear Background

Chapter 1

Data Science Fundamental

  • Data Science and Big Data

  • Data Science Analytics Spectrum

  • Major Roles in Data Science

  • Data Science vs Business Intelligence

  • Data Science Applications in Industries

  • Learn Practical Data Science with this Book

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Interactive Learning

With teaching in mind, this book is written for professionals and students who want to learn data science with practical hands-on exercises. 

  • Chapters are structured and guiding learner from basic to advanced level of data science.

  • Reader will be guided step-by-step approach on creating functional workflow to execute data science tasks.

  • Practical projects for advanced analytics using real business dataset.

About the Author

Dr. Nickholas Anting, PhD is an academician and researcher at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, specializing in computational engineering, data science and computer programming. He is also a founder of NASPSOFT, a company specialising in data science and artificial intelligence. From 2019 until 2021, Dr. Nickholas has been appointed as a consulting committee for a Big Data project by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Dr. Nickholas and his data team are actively working with local and international organisations in Malaysia to establish a data department, produce data talents, and create impacts with insights and data intelligence services.


"With teaching in mind, this book is written for professionals and students who want to learn data science with practical hands-on exercises. Realising that writing a programming code is a challenge for newcomers, this book teaches how to do end-to-end data science projects with visual programming tools, the KNIME Analytics Platform. Visual programming is a CODELESS technique that applies drag-and-drop to the functional nodes to execute specific tasks. 

I hope this book significantly accelerates your efforts to be a data professional. All the best to all readers."


The Author

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Paperback version

Purchase at Discount Price for


Retail Price: RM89.99

Currently ONLY available in MALAYSIA

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