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Data Analytics

We help our clients to gain insights from data for analytics-reasoning using data science and advance analytics method to achieve better performance.

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Harvesting Value from DATA

Companies have vast amount of data—and they know it has values. But, their challenges are time, talents and tools. NASPSOFT Analytics's experts in full scale DATA SCIENCE and ADVANCE ANALYTICS techniques, such as machine learning and AI system to capture value from data and turn it into new opportunity, that bring IMPACTs.

DATA is everywhere, generated every seconds through smart device, machine, business activities, sensors, applications and more. More companies and organisation try to adapt data-driven philosophy to make decision, to stay ahead of their competitors. However, becoming data-driven organisation is not as easy as we think. Lots of work, time and talent need to be invested to develop a matured data-team. It is not only about the vision, but the right approach to create the foundation, governance, culture and talents.

Industry we work for

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Our Work Process

Project Requirement

Every analytics project starts with understanding client requirements. We will work together with client to understand business problem, then propose how our data science method can identify specific opportunities for analytics-driven decisions for revenue growth and performance improvements. We then design a road-map, aided with project objectives based on a broad range of potential solutions.

Data Collection & Extraction

Data for analytics project could be from multiple resources—some of them already been collected and some data are not available. We consult the company to perform data extraction from their database using either ETL or ELT approach. We also have capacity to perform data collection from internet sources, such as website, Twitter and more using our in-house advance web-scraping tools. We also helps our client to design questionnaire and perform data collection for qualitative data.

Research Exploration

This phase will gain descriptive insights from data, which is a critical phase that facilitate how good analytics model that will be developed in the next phase. The tasks are including measure the quality of the data, data cleaning and understanding what and why things happen. We will work as data detective to find the possible causes that could explain the reason of things happen based on data.

Analytics Modelling

Our team of data scientist will utilise advance technique such as machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence to create best analytics model, which then customise and improve them for specific client's requirement, to gain deep functional and industry knowledge. Creating robust model that are suitable for specific requirement requires thoughtful considering to ensure the models being developed ultimately meet the project objectives.

NASPSOFT helps clients to create IMPACTs by improving business performance using most advance analytics and data science tools and techniques


The final phase is to deploy the analytics model and insights into actions that bring IMPACTs. We carefully plan for the client to implement the strategy at manageable risks, where the team can learn actual performance of the models at small scope, pilot deployment before a wide-scale rollout. This approach enable us to learn about performance, constraints of the model, and make adjustments to improve the model. Once we are confident, then we can go for full deployment at larger scale to create IMPACTs.

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