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Data Professionals

Educating and nurturing future analytic-talent of professionals and students with recent expertise demand

Learn with NASPSOFT

Data science professionals, such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Machine Learning Engineer are highly demanded career by the companies. Companies are experience of shortage of analytics–talent and data expert in their organisations.


NASPSOFT Education committed to develop future data professionals through high quality training and education program. We helps to nurture, educate and produce working professionals and students to transform them into data expert with analytics in mind.

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Professional Individuals

Our training programs are designed for professionals working individuals who are beginners and want to start their career path and expertise as data science professionals.

Corporate Organisation

We conduct custom and personalise courses for corporate organisation as to develop their data-expert and analytics-talents with latest skills to remain competitive in digital age.

Universities / Institutions

We are working close with both public and private universities and learning institutions to produce graduates with technical competency as data science professionals.

Data Science Professionals

Programmer Track with Python


Data Science Professionals
with KNIME

Non-Programmer Track with Visual Programming

Machine Learning with
Visual Programming



Python Fundamental for Data Analytics

Machine Learning with Python

Deep Learning with Neural Network

Our Training Review

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