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Data Science - High Demand Skill in 21st Century

Data Scientist: Highly Demand Job in 21st Century and WHY?

These days we always heard people talking and discussing about big data, predictive analytics, business intelligence and etc.; and these group of people are working professional in such a field of business, finance and engineering (actually, there are more). All those terms that been mentioned before are important element in data science.

Why lots of people and organization so excited about Data Science? Who is Data Scientist? What skills and knowledges are require to master the data science? These information will be discussed in this blogpost.

History and Background

In these recent few years, term of "data science" and "big data" have risen and become popular buzzword as to utilize growth of data in the business world. However, they aren't new, since the fundamental or root of the concept has been introduce since two decade ago. The field of data science originate from the fundamental knowledge in Statistics. Due to the advancement of computer technology, the concept has evolved to include technical practices such as Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning. Increasing speed and quality of the internet has significantly contribute to the exponential growth of data volumes, and the term of Big Data has become popular recently. These vast amount of data has been utilized with full of advantages to increase profits in businesses and drive better decision making in scientific fields such as medicine, social science and engineering.

What did Data Scientist Do & The Impact

Data Scientist is someone that expert in both fundamental and technical knowledge, including advance statistics, mathematics, software architecture and understand multiple programming languages such as Python and R programming. The evolution of high speed internet and generation of high volume of data, typically refers as "big data", has creating a new demand of high skill individual which now they call as Data Scientist, that not only able to analyse the data, but has capability to provide insight, developing algorithm for predictive analytics and communicating their findings in effective ways for strategy implementation. Data Scientist is a key individual of leading the entire analytics or data science consultation project and he/she must understand the problem and needs of the clients. Data Scientist works in variety of industries, including technology company (e.g.: Google, Uber), research institute (e.g.: field of medicine, transportation safety), finance industry (e.g.: Swiss Bank, Wall Street) and etc.

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