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Almost every organisations in the world are using digital products to perform their business operation, which generate vast amount of data, exponentially. With analytics process driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, organisation can make use of their data to create IMPACTs.

NASPSOFT Analytics helps clients to capture valuable insights from data, and turn them into OPPORTUNITIES. We apply advance analytics process with up-to-date methodology, so that our clients remain competitive in their business.

NASPSOFT Education is focusing on nurturing ANALYTICS-TALENT towards our mission to produce data science professionals through our training program. We work together with companies, universities and individuals build their foundations to mastering data science knowledges and skills using advance analytics tools.



We help our clients to gain insights from data for analytics-reasoning organisations to achieve better performance.



Educating and nurturing future analytic-talent of professionals and students with recent expertise demand

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Founder & Chief Data Scientist at NASPSOFT

Dr. Nickholas Anting, PhD

Dr. Nickholas is founder, director and Chief Data Scientist at NASPSOFT, a consulting and training provider company in data science and big data analytics. He is also a full time academician at UTHM as Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Built Environment since 2015. Dr. Nickholas is an active consultant, educator and researcher in the field of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


In 2019, Dr. Nickholas has been appointed as committee member of Big Data project for Ministry of Education, Malaysia. He is also been appointed as technical consultant at Institut Sukan Negara (ISN) for the development of psychographic profiling of athletes using Data Science and AI. Dr. Nickholas is also an active trainer certified by HRDF in the field of data science, machine learning and Python programming for data analytics - and trained more than 800 professional individuals and students for public and corporate courses. Dr. Nickholas is also a published author for two books - a) Machine Learning with KNIME Analytics; and b) Programming for Beginners with Python - that are published by Kindle Direct Publishing.

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